Flesh & Blood

An estranged son in a life threatening crisis unexpectedly visits his father to ask a single question.

Flesh and Blood Trailer

FLESH & BLOOD – STORY by and FEATURING Neil Brookshire, Stitch Marker. PRODUCED by Assya Dimova, Neil Brookshire. SCORE by Jeff Rice. DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY AJ Young. EDITED by Sam Stucky, Neil Brookshire. SOUND MIX/EDITING Mark Doubleday. DIRECTED by Neil Brookshire.


Director’s Note

Stitch Marker and I have been working on stage together since the late 90s. When I found myself in Boise for a theater job, I got in touch and we started talking about an idea for a short film. We improvised the situation until we had a story we liked. This is an intimate tale of secrets, fear, redemption, and time.

It’s also a collaboration in the most satisfying sense; Stitch and I both came up with the story, AJ Young, our DP of many talents, helped with sound when needed, and Justin Ness drove us around. People donated the use of their location and time without any hesitation. The list goes on. 

This story is about family, and I’m grateful the film family surrounding this project came together. None of this was possible without the incredible generosity of everyone involved.

-Neil Brookshire

FLESH & BLOOD is in the final stages of post production and will be available in 2019. ©Dirt Hills Productions MMXIX