Upper Fields

Three brothers return home to discover their inheritance is not what they anticipated.

Set against the rolling beauty of the driftless area in Wisconsin, this short drama was shot entirely on location. It stars Phillip Beaupre, Neil Brookshire, Aled Davies, Jonathan Franklin. Producers: Assya Dimova, Josh Garvin. Music by Gabriel Peterson. Director of Photography: Bryce Drobny. Edited by Neil Brookshire & Bryce Drobny. Sound Editing/Mixing by Neil Brookshire & Seth Asa Sengel.

Shot on a Blackmagic 4K camera, crew was limited to two people: cinematographer Bryce running the camera and Sam Stucky as sound boom op. Principle photography was completed in three days with a Blackmagic 4K camera.

Produced, Written & Directed by Neil Brookshire.

Available soon via Prime Video Direct.